BC Health Dept. heavily involved in COVID-19 decisions at BCHS

The Brown County Health Department has control over what the school does when it comes to keeping the students safe but the school also has a little bit of room to make some of their own decisions.

The school starts by developing a plan on how to improve safety perceptions, after forming a plan Brown County Schools sends it to the health department the they decide whether it’s a plan they should put into action or if it’s a plan that would not benefit the schools and keep students safe. Principal Matthew Stark says BCS write a plan based on the guidelines and directions from the CDC and the State Department of Health, we then submit that plan. BCS  originally writes some of this stuff but with approval of the State Department of Health and the CDC.

During after school activities students are required to wear masks as much as possible to keep everyone safe, along with keeping A safe distance of 6 feet from the people near you. Wearing masks and social distancing hasn’t changed but how student are quarantined has. “If a student comes in with COVID like symptoms that person would be quarantined for 14 days or if they get a negative test they can come back,” Mr. Stark said. Corporation Nurse Holly Gordon said,”If they are symptomatic 10 days, if they are close contact with someone who has tested positive it would be 14 days.”

At one point if you have symptoms everyone in your immediate family or that you had close contact with would have to be quarantined with you then if you get a negative test you and the people that you came in close contact with would be able to come back. While quarantined student are required to stay home and to stay as isolated as possible by staying in your room, using the same restroom, having other family members use other areas in case you were to test positive, no going to the grocery store BCS also advises getting tested if positive those close contacts can be notified and can be quarantined as soon as possible.

At games there needs to be multiple entrances but unfortunately we only have one, if your a home guest you sit on our side if your a guest you’ll go to the other side. There were hand sanitizers places all through out the bathroom, the bleachers, ticket booth, concession stand , and out by the football field six  feet were also market on the bleachers and next to fence to keep fans with people they know while also distancing  from other people. For the visiting team there was a port potty to keep them from having to use our bathroom and not have to interact with the people on the home side by keeping the fans separate, along with extra signs reminding people to keep masks on, along with a warning sign talking about the dangers of COVID-19.




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