Students for Equity team with local LWV to sponsor voter registration

Christy Sebastion, Annika Evenson and Abigal Padgett work the registration table in the commons for Students for Equity. Photo by Dakota Cruz.

Tristan Shields is a Senior member of Students for Equity who has been in Students For Equity since the founding of the club last year. He also helps make the big decisions when it comes to what Students for Equity is going to do. “The goal of the voter drive is to fix this issue in our community,” Shields said.

Students For Equity have teamed up with Brown County’s League of Women’s Voters who are encouraging people to vote this election. The goal of Students For Equity’s Voter drive is to get as many seniors who are 18 or turning 18 registered to vote this election.

     Americans ages 18 to 25 historically have the lowest voter turnout rate than older people. Compared to ages 45 to 64 who have a high turnout rate of 70 percent in contrast to 42 percent by the youth according to the U.S Census Bureau which has been keeping track since 1964.

     In 2016, 46 percent of voters ages through 18 to 25 showed up to vote. The trend of young people not voting isn’t anything new as since the founding of the U.S Census Bureau young people always have the lowest turnout rates.
Millennial voting nearly doubled from 2014-2018, 22% to 42% according to demographer Richard Fry at the Pew Research Center in Washington.
According to the Center for information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) “Young People can decide elections and their participation is essential to our politics.”

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