TikTok deal puts security management under US control

The social media app with almost a billion users, TikTok  illustrates how one social media trend can change the landscape and spread like wildfire. But, behind all the innocent dancing and trends, is the dark side,  showing up recently when the United States government began to look at security concerns with the app.

This whole question about TikTok’s security breaches was set in motion when clashes at the Northern border of India and China began. India’s Government claimed that TikTok was secretly stealing data from it’s users, and used that data for malicious purposes.  India vowed it would defend it’s privacy by banning it and 53 other Chinese apps.

The U.S. has then been looking at banning the app since that date, until August 6, when an order was given  that on September 20, TikTok would be banned ikn the states. However after that, the Oracle-Walmart compromise was created. Oracle a tech companty and Walmart the ubiquitous retailer, would manage TikTok Global. Oracle would manage all Tiktok servers in the US. Venessa Pappas, the interim head of TikTok, made a video on the app on September 20 that TikTYok in the U.S. would be here to stay, with no changes to the interface in hopes of keeping users of the app happy.

This is a much better deal than just banning the app in the US, because there are more than 100 million active users on TikTok in the United States alone. This new deal makes both sides happy, ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, still receives profit from US servers, and user privacy can be managed by Oracle.

This article is  the first in series following the progress of the TikTok deal in the U.S

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