U.S. control of TikTok is better for privacy issues

     With the Oracle-Walmart compromise, keeping TikTok alive in U.S. servers, many have questions of how this deal is better than the previous arrangement where Bytedance was in charge. Bytedance currently owns  TikTok. There are several reasons why Oracle managing the U.S. is better than Bytedance. 

     The first and most important reason is location. Bytedance is a Chinese-based company, while Oracle is an American company based in California. This means that it is much easier to manage user privacy than if Bytedance were to do it. The United States government was most concerned about security.

The second reason is the name behind the deal, Walmart. While Walmart did agree to the deal for profit, they are also backing the deal, paying for it and also maintaining oversight of privacy issues.

This new deal is much better for users with privacy concerns when using TikTok. It also makes it easier for the U.S. government to make sure citizens’ data isn’t stolen. Privacy is an import issue that this deal defends.


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