Internet freaks when Steve joins Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

The internet in a matter of minutes exploded when Minecraft’s Steve, was Added to Super Smash brothers Ultimate. So much so that Twitter servers went down for 2 minutes or so. Thousands of people freaked out when Steve showed up as the DLC character. Why is this important, and why did the internet lose it’s mind over a video game character.

Minecraft is the biggest game in the world in terms of sales. Grossing over 200 million sales, by 2016. So, no matter what, people were going to be hyped with the implementation of him into Smash Ultimate. But what is SSBU? An interview with Henry Himebaugh revealed his thoughts on Minecraft in smash and why he’s hyped, “I feel that Steve is deserving of a spot in SSBU, it was his time to shine with the new Minecraft update coming October 3, but I kind of wish a smaller game got the spot, as now there is little chances that a character like Sans (from Undertale) will be added.”

The Super Smash Brother series of games is a series of games that honor video game characters, and games as a whole. It is a series of games that has video game icons duke it out with each other for an all or nothing battle. The series began on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. With Melee, Brawl, WiiU/and 3DS and Ultimate, following afterwards. Steve has been requested ever since 2014 when Smash for WiiU and 3DS came out. 

From the Nintendo direct that was streamed on October 1, we got to see some of Steve’s moves in the game. With him having the unique feature of building, that no other character has. Steve also seems that he can mine the floor and gain materials to build with. He has a Zair, which is a fishing hook. He seems to be a primarily sword character with his attacks. His recovery may use the “Elytra” from Minecraft.He also got some unique alternate character skins with Alex, the Zombie, and The Enderman. Time will tell how he will play in the meda when he comes out.  An Interview with Jackson O’Shea, someone who does not play SSBU, said “It is about time that Steve was added to Smash, he is a character that should have been added 6 years ago, and his new ability could bring out of the box thinking to the pro players.” Another interview with Mario Jankie said, “This has to be some sort of fever dream, I do not know what Nintendo was thinking with this addition, as it will be easy to mess other peoples normal play style with building.” 

Steve’s addition to SSBU, is a glorious day for gamers, whether you like Minecraft or not, it’s effect on the gamer world needs to be noticed. Smash fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for him to come out.

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