Manning retires after 28-year career with BCS

It all started 27 -28 years ago in the gym with one typewriter, one computer, and a stack of papers in her inbox it would be the beginning of a long career from scheduling games to completing complex accounts.

Nancey Manning after starting her career said, “then we got moved up closer began to the world ” working in an office space located where the current technology department is, Mrs.Manning then was let go for a short period of time because her job was being eliminated when the superintendent thought that her department was not needed. Not long after the new athletic director came in he thought it would be good for this department to come back so Mrs.Manning, “I applied again and got the job” and has had it ever since.

Then in 2008, the principal Matthew Stark asked if  Mrs.Manning would be interested in bookkeeping and athletics Mrs.Manning said, “sure I like a challenge” she did that for a while. Eventually, the bookkeeping duties became too much so she decided to just do bookkeeping. Athletics then hired Betsy Parman to serve as the athletic department secretary.

Mrs.Manning  has seen lots of changes over the years as a former Student and bookkeeper, for example, the open area in common there was no roof also including the gym being where the auditorium is now.


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