Netflix ‘Cuties” creates controversy raises ire among parents, politicians

Netflix has been threatened by the government to take down one of their films.  The film has sparked conversation about the sexualization of kids and what’s acceptable in media.

” Cuties,” originally a French movie written by Maimouna Doucoure, premiered at the Sun dance festival in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Maimouna Doucoure was also able to win a distinguished directing award.

The film is about a girl named Amy who was raised in a strict religious family. Early in the story it’s found out that her dad is getting married with another woman besides her mom. Amy’s mom then proceeds to struggle at telling her friends that her husband is getting another wife and she is shunned for staying in the relationship. Amy then meets kids her age who want to dance at a competition. She starts by filming them but, after the girls fight one leaves, leaving room for Amy to dance with the rest of them. Amy then becomes obsessed with dancing and she slowly starts to do mischievous acts. After making it to the finals, during mid dance she realizes what she’s doing is wrong then runs off stage.

There have been many after effects to allowing the movie onto Netflix. As of September 15,  the film is the number 4 most popular film in the U.S.

Adding Cuties onto Netflix has caused an 8 times higher than average cancellation rate according to YipitData.  David Fear of the Rolling Stone has said that most of the controversy comes from the poster and not of the actual content.

As for the political response to the film Tulsi Gabbard says “the film would whet the appetite of pedophiles and help fuel the Child sex trafficking trade.” Senator Josh Hastings sent a letter to the CEO of Netflix demanding that the film be taken down immediately.

Ted Cruz has sent a letter to U.S attorney William Barr calling for the investigation of Netflix while Jim Banks has called for charges against the company. Ted Cruz also calls the film child pornography while, Netflix stands behind the film saying that it’s a social commentary about the dangers of sexualizing young children.

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