Stark needs tunes for the front porch playlist

Principal Matt Stark Greets a student outside on the porch before school.

On chilly Friday mornings, the sun is coming up while the buses start to roll in the parking lot. Kids start getting off the buses and coming out of cars walking up to the building. BCHS Principal Matt Stark plays music on a portable Bluetooth speaker while the kids come into the building. He has been building a playlist since he started the practice at Urbana High School in Illinois but he needs a new song playlist for Friday mornings because the songs that he has used in the past are too old.

Mr.Stark said when he started at the Brown County High School as the principal, he wanted to end each school week with some music in the morning. Students seem to like it. Jaidyn Bennett said,” The music on Friday mornings is good”. Dylan Taylor said that he likes the music on Friday mornings because “It gets me to pumped in the mornings before school starts”Kerraylna Bennett said,” She likes the music on Friday mornings and that it makes her happy that it is the end of the school week”.Baleigh Bennett said,” She loves the music on Friday mornings because it wakes her up in the morning and it is cool to listen to”.

Mr.Stark is making a new playlist for Friday mornings. If students want to make song suggestions contact Mr.Starks office.




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