Meet the presidential candidates for 2020 US election

(Written by Dakota Cruz and Dylan Taylor)

Meet the Candidates for U.S. President

On November 3rd, an important day for American citizens arrives. It only arrives once every four years. This is the date where Republican president Donald Trump goes toe to toe with Democrat candidate Joe Biden. This is also shaping up to be a historical day in American politics. Currently, early voter turnout is about 30% higher than it was in 2016 with no signs of slowing down. How will this election be decided? Will reality tv show actor, businessman, and current president Donald Trump be re-elected to four more years, or will America elect former Senator and Vice-President Joe Biden? 



According to Trump’s own page, he claims that Trump’s tax cut plan is the first major tax reform signed in 30 years.  30 years ago the Tax Reform Act was passed by Ronald Reagan and they were so significant that title 26 was renamed the Internal Revenue Code of 1886 which replaced the 1954 code.   He has provided tax relief for 82% of middle class Americans.  Although the low-income workers didn’t see any change and the tax rate 10% stayed the same.  When Trump claims that manufacturing jobs have gone up by half a million he is not wrong, to be more specific he has raised around 450,000 jobs.  This is prior to Covid 19 because during Covid-19 the manufacturing industry has declined by 237,000.  The construction industry has gone up by 6% during Trump’s term according to the U.S Bureau of Statistics.  Trump claims that he is responsible for the lowest African-American unemployment rate. On Trump’s foreign policy he has stated that he visited the middle-eastern countries to solidify his relationships with that side of the world.  President Trump claims that he has defended the rights of students on campus to express their right to free speech.  President Trump has claimed that he signed three bills that crack down on international criminal organizations.  President Trump has appointed two new Conservative justices in, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.  This means that now the Supreme Court has majority Republicans with 5 out of 9.  There is one open spot in the Supreme Court right now.  Trump states that he has spent 2 billion dollars on school safety, this is the same talking point that Nancy Pelosi used when talking with Chris Cuomo.  The actual numbers would be 1.1 billion dollars to the program called the SSAE program.  The SSAE program doesn’t exclusively count school shootings; it’s also for well-rounded education and technology.  Trump doesn’t have any page on how to deal with Covid-19 or any new policies that he wants to put in place.




 There are a total of 50 categories on the official Joe Biden website (  that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aim to change when elected into office. These range from how to help Latin American nations, to stronger LGBTQ+ rights. These 50 categories are explained more in detail on their website. But the most prevalent topic brought up is Vice President Biden’s,  “Build Back Better” plan. These are a series of plans that go into detail describing what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to do to if elected to office. It also lists how they will  help America come out of COVID-19. Their plan is to rebuild America stronger than ever. This plan includes: new jobs for those who became unemployed due to COVID-19, recovery for the economy, and better racial equality. Also, their “Build Back Better” Plan describes how to re-open safely, and maintain schools they are currently in person. A Biden/Harris ticket will help Americans improve their education and station in life, and build a stronger infrastructure for the United States. The “Build Back Better” plan created by the Biden-Harris campaign, shows what both these candidates aim to do and help during these confusing and trying times. The plan is to make sure that America can open up safely without the risk of an increase in COVID-19. The duo plan to change America by using only truths. In fact, the Biden/ Harris motto is, “Only truths, no lies.” 


Joe Biden also plans to add policies to help working families. He wants to expand the Child Tax Credit. Both Biden and Harris are huge abdicators for education. They want to increase education for students of all ages. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris propose an expansion of opportunities for  high school students, and an increase in funding for preschool education. Another notable cause Joe Biden stands for is equal participation for people with disabilities. They want to expand the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) by making sure people with disabilities are treated equally and given equal opportunities in the workplace for the 61 million Americans with disabilities. Biden even promises to create a senior division in the White House that helps people with disabilities, so these people are included in policy making. Joe Biden wishes to change America by making sure the country comes back stronger than ever, after dealing with the crisis that COVID-19 has caused. After doing this, he plans to help minorities, and improve the living standards for everyday Americans. These are the things Joe Biden stands for, and Biden truly does want to make America greater, than it already is.

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